Briquette and pellet

As we already mentioned in the cover text, we are proud holders of FSC certificate which implies responsible forest management, which is why a lot of biomass we buy in the field, and do not want to leave because of possible nests of pests, can be found in our storehouses. Through a combination of sawdust that we get as a by-product of raw material processing in our plants and selected parts of deciduous trees that we cannot use in the primary production, we obtain a good-quality product in the form of briquettes and pellets, which are greatly used as an alternative fuel for heating purposes just like for generating other types of energy, depending on the technology. We have good-quality presses that put, under high pressure and without any chemical additives, bio mass into a compact entity, either as briquette or pellet. The advantage of using this fuel includes high caloric power, easy handling, easy storage that saves space, it is available throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina just like Europe,  popular price, 100% ecological, can be used for all types of furnaces and therefore does not require new investments for purchase of new furnaces.

Our briquette is fully made of hardwood, with the oak content of approximately 20%, and with 80% beech content. The entire production of a large portion of our products is based on the processing of primarily beech and oak wood, by way of which processing we obtain necessary raw material for briquette production. The briquette diameter is 75 mm, it is highly compressed using a mechanical excentric press. This is, therefore, briquette of excellent quality, a pure ecological product, made by a professional press and using materials that provide it with high caloric power.

Our briquette and pellet come in different packages, depending on your needs. We would also like to note that our offer includes pallets of firewood obtained as a by-product of our veneer production. Namely, the so-called pith or the centre of the wood that cannot be used for veneer production is separated by us as a good-quality wood element, cut into planned lengths and packed into pallets for easier transportation and delivery to the buyer.