Forest Exploitation

Elgrad doo possesses the entire infrastructure for forest exploitation, which includes felling, export of assortments, construction of skid trails, construction of forest roads for trucks and transportation from forest log yards up to the storehouse. 

Wood processing

We own: Sawmill, Dryer, Decimernica, Furniture manufacture, Veneer, Acacia processing plant, Oak processing plant, Jointed board plant and Briquette and pellets.


As part of all the activities we carry, we have a transport sector for cargo transportation in the country and abroad with all the necessary workshops for the maintenance of the complete transport infrastructure.


We make industrial buildings quickly and with quality. We use sandwich sheets to make panels that are reliable, durable and extremely flexible material for construction. Thermal insulation panels produce façade, partition and roof panels.

ELGRAD d.o.o. covers an area of 200,000 square meters with a tendency to expand production and services. We employ about 350 workers of different profiles and occupations. We are the leader of development and the most successful company in the area of Teslic municipality, with export of 80% of production annually.