Plant for connected boards

The plant for connected boards produced boards of various types of wood, including oak, beech, ash, black walnut, etc… The boards are connected by width and by length. The length connected board is a type of board that is made by connected smaller elements first by length and, then in the second phase, also by width. The width connection is obtained by gluing onto the length of prepared elements. Characteristics of boards connected this way are multiple. They include a visual aspect all the way up to the aspect of good stability of boards connected this way, they do not warp, the quality of the wood  is improved just like its time durability and resistance to external influences and parasites. Of course that in this segment, too, the high technology combined with skilled manpower give excellent results. For bonding the elements, a certified adhesive that meets the required standards is used. The good quality of the wood and the cutting-edge technology provide boards of top quality that are used in the production of furniture and production of stairs.

We place our products mainly on the markets of Western Europe (Belgium, Germany, Switzerland and Japan), which speaks in itself about the quality of our products.