During our history and capacity expansion, we can add quick and good-quality construction of industrial facilities to the description of our activities. In order for us to be able to build such facilities, we need to have reliable and good-quality building material. We have found such material in  sandwich panel sheets that are a reliable, durable and extremely flexible building material. Thermal-insulation panels offer a wide range of possibilities in terms of conceiving of architectural solutions regardless of whether we talk about business, commercial, sport or industrial facilities.

Thermal-insulation panels are produced as façade, separation and roof panels. These panels consist of two profiled plasticized galvanized coloured steel sheet metal with the inner content of polyurethane that has exceptional thermal and sound insulation characteristics. An invisible rabbet designed for water drain ensures that it is water-proof.

The advantage of building using sandwich panel sheets is the speed, the quality, the fact that the aesthetic part is finished, too,  after the very completion of building  itself, because the panels are varnished, then they are easy to maintain and clean, then change of capacity of space, they are easy to install and remove in case of extraordinary situation such as an arrival of big-dimension machines, the facilities are energetically more efficient just like  a number of other favourable aspects of building using sandwich panel sheets. Our sandwich panel sheets come in more classes and sizes depending on the needs.