Furniture production

Upon receipt of goods treated at the trimming and edging line, the goods that are in the form of semi-products  prepared for final processing are brought to this plant. Depending on the orders and designer solutions, the elements for production are put through technological phases required for the final product. Those phase include treatment of elements with four-sided planers, drilling machines, tenoners,  up to the mounting of elements, varnishing in special chambers just like oiling of elements, depending on the needs from the order.

We are, generally, able to produce massive chairs and tables of solid wood, mainly oak, beech, walnut and other precious deciduous trees, all depending on the ordering party’s needs and orders.  With our existing capacities we manage to respond to the market’s demands with the tendency of growth in the sense of capacity expansion, introduction of new technological solutions, just like good-quality and educated manpower.  Our tables and chairs are sold in a number of shopping centres in the countries in the region, European Union, Switzerland including distant Japan.  The quality and the satisfaction of buyers are the only attributes that guide us in this business, representing, at the same time, a guarantee for success and survival at the market.